Four Months...

Again, I'm a few days late.  Better late than never.  Happy four months to our sweet baby girl.  Because I can't pick just you go.  We love you, Audra.

 And because I wasn't blogging back in the day when my sweet boy was 4 months, I never shared those pics.  January 2011 was when these were taken.  On my good old point and shoot. If this rocking chair wasn't already moved, I would have used it for her pictures too.  We love you, Adrian.

Two incredible blessings, that's what we have.  Think they could pass as siblings? :)


  1. Cutie pies! They look so much alike it's uncanny. I just wanna squeeze Audra's cheeks! I'm starting to get a serious case of baby fever over here haha.

  2. They are too cute for words......Fantastic photo's of those babies.....



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