Moving, Take 2.

I'm never moving again.  Ever.  The time spent moving seriously gets in the way of important things, like crafting.  There's lots of positives and negatives all rolled in together.  We live so close we can move a bit each day...but it's going to take us all month (if not longer).  We work opposite shifts so we hardly have time to coordinate for the bigger stuff...but it's helping us not do too much at one time.  We are fortunate to have both houses so we have no deadline...but we really don't want to be homeowners x2 for long.  We have so many dreams we would like to get started on in the new place...but we still have to spackle and paint the old house. 

Certainly, lots on our mind and at times it's challenging juggling it all.  The best part is the kids have been fantastic.  I mean really, really fantastic.  One of the first things I did was set up a playroom at the new house.  Adrian has been keeping busy entertaining himself some while my babywearing little girl is going with the flow...not minding being parked in a swing here and there for the first time. (Don't want her on the floors until their clean...goodbye mouse droppings!). Of course, with two little ones, at times things take 3x as long. But, we've really been making some progress.  And sharing some laughs and memories along the way.  I'll be thankful when we're not living in two houses, that's for sure.

A few snapshots of our day, start to you go.

Morning sibling love at the old house.

Hard at work at the new house.  Developing an even closer bond with Murphy, with two spectators watching.  Murphy's oil soap that is.  Love that stuff. (And love our new living room, too).

A quick lunch...grilled cheese with avocado on homemade bread.
Post nap fun, with mama mades (puppy and penguins).

Back at the old house for jammie fun.

I could have showed you the piles of boxes that were moved and put away, but looking at those pictures exhausts me.  Lately, these days are mighty full. I find myself struggling to suppress the feelings of being utterly overwhelmed. Hiring someone to do the leg work is tempting.  But if I slow down enough to think, these days are filled with such marvelous promises of what's to come.  I must not be so focused on the destination that I forget to enjoy the ride.  There's no need to be in a hurry, it's the journey that matters. Soon enough we'll be calling the farm 'home'.


  1. CitraSolv was the best at degreasing and cleaning EVERYTHING when I moved in. And it smells like oranges - who doesn't love that!? If you need any help let me know! :)

  2. That has to be stressful! Moving is not fun at all, so I don't envy you there. But your new house is so beautiful and I can't wait to see what you do with it :)

  3. It is BEAUTIFUL, Jackie.... I believe your livingroom area is the entire size of my home : ) Love the wood floors, and I know you do too. Take time to breathe....It will all be done soon



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