Our Awesome Non Plastic Kitchen/Grocery store...DIY or Thrifted.

Things are coming together in our farmhouse.  The kitchen area is all set up and ready to go.  I know I've showed you bits and pieces of our kitchen, but never the whole shebang.  So...for your viewing pleasure, here's our non plastic kitchen...with just about everything thrifted or made by me.  This Christmas season, if a play kitchen is on your list, think about what you can do yourself or buy at a thrift store.  Challenge is on!  Here's ours:

My kids get pretty excited to play in it. Or maybe it's me who is most excited:)

Here's what's thrifted:
1) Play easel, perfect for shopping lists.
2) Muffin tins and wooden stringing beads.  Each bead goes into a muffin tin to make 'cupcakes'.  And the wooden beads get dumped into a pot and are stirred for soup.  Plus we can use them for stringing.
3) Wooden napkin holders in the shapes of watermelon.
4) My great grandmother's silver teaset works for dishware.
5) I scored a couple wooden food sets (Melissa and Doug sandwich set and another wooden skewer set).
6) A wooden abacus for grocery shopping checkout.
7) Wooden baskets and bowls for more dishware.
8) Fall home decor apples.
9) The smallest pots and pans from our dishset have moved here. Same with the smallest wooden spoons and wisks.
10) The whole wooden kitchen set (two pieces) was scored off of craigslist for $45.
11) This was a free table and chair set saved from the dump.
12) Old wallets hold money.
13) Dinner bells and an old camera are in the buckets (okay, so the camera has a bit of plastic...but I'm allowed one 'oops', right?!).
14) These are a vintage collection of tins that I found at a yardsale...for $9 total for all those tins!
15) That's a play ironing board I scored for a buck.  We pretty much use it as a shelf though.
16) (The bag) Thrifted dress up stuff...scarves, ties, etc.

And, here's what I made...much of which was upcycled.  Thrifted and DIY...a perfect combo. Click on the links for more info.
1) Chalkboard eraser
2) Penguin softie
3) Felt fruits and felt vegetables
4) Wooden groceries 
5) Potholders and dishcloths
6) Turtle softies
7) Duck softies
8) Play apron
9) Cupcakes
10) Ice cream cones
11) Play money and Pouches to carry them in.
12) Market bag
13) Humpty dumpty
14) Itsy Bitsy Spider
15) Wooden push cart
16) Backpack including dressup stuff.  Like tails and such.
17) Play flower garden.

Tell me, what is in your play kitchen?


  1. Cute! Great job. Again, I can't stop looking at all the beautiful woodwork!

    1. Thanks! There is a lot of wood in this place. So much character! :)



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