A bit of a facelift...Red Chairs

There's a story about how we got these chairs.  We responded to an ad on craiglist.  Went to buy the chairs.  We got there and the guy said "I only put a price on them to make sure someone who was serious about them got them.  I plan on giving them to you for free if you want them".  Isn't that neat?!  We paid it forward and gave a grill away on craigslist the same way.

These chairs used to be in our former kitchen. I liked them just fine, but was always worried about lead paint.

So a quick can of spray paint and they now are accent chairs in our living room.

 And after...


I wasn't sure when I started to paint them, but I'm quite happy with them now.  One more project checked off the to do list.


  1. LOVE them Jackie! You're house is fast becoming your HOME!

  2. I love these kind of stories and paying it forward is so beautiful.



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