So glad they have each other...

From square one, this big brother has loved, loved, loved his sister. Images of when they met still puts a smile on my face. Adrian referred to his little sister as "outa belly Audra" for the first month or two, introducing her to whoever was interested.  He is still introducing her...even to me. Just yesterday he said "Mama, that's Audra". You know, in case I wasn't aware.  He loves her so much and hates when she sleeps.  If he catches her sleeping, if I'm not watching him like a hawk, I soon hear baby squeals and a big brother announcing proudly, "Audra wake up, mama!".  Hmm...wonder how that happened?  He seriously loves her...shares all his books and makes sure she has a toy.  He even shares his 'roos' with her and picks out her clothes.  "Audra look nice, mama".

The part that is even more awesome is we're starting to see the reciprocity of the love from her.  She lights up when she sees him.  If he's sad or throwing a fit, she has been known to start a giggling fit, which he cannot help but smile.  She loves him just as much as he loves her.

My husband recently caught them giggling together.  He couldn't help but stare...and I swear I saw him puddle up just a bit (although he'd never admit it).  He said "I never got to experience having a sibling (he's an only child)...this is just so much fun to watch. They're so lucky to have each other".  Certainly, being an only child has some positive aspects....but since we have two....we're relishing the joy they bring to each other.  And certainly the joy they bring to us.

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  1. Oh my gosh, you have some adorable kids! It's so cool that they share a strong bond at such a young age. It will only grow with time :)



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