First Snow

We had our first snow of the season a few days ago.  A good old Nor' easter that was supposed to be massive and messy. Instead, it was a pleasant surprise, absent of the wintry mix it was supposed to be.  I know early snow won't last, which although I love snow, it's fine with me.  It's that last reminder to bring in those random toys and the patio set we *still* haven't put away.

It was our baby girl's first snow sighting.  Which I love to capture the *firsts* as I'm able. 

Here's her first snow.

And here was her brother's first snow 2 years ago.

But now he's big...and his first snow of the year looks like this:
Which of course is exciting.  It makes a little sad that our next baby won't see the snowfall from this very window.  Of course, I love the new house, but I will miss some memories of the old house.  My husband's remedy for my solution he thinks is more kids.  Boo is what I say to him.  

With faces like these, don't you think we need a half a dozen at least? 

1 comment:

  1. I love these! Audra's face is so precious. And the comparison shots of the two of them are great! How fun to have snow! Something my little guy will not be very familiar with.



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