Busy Bag Swap: The Reveal!

I mentioned last week that I was participating in my friend's brilliant idea: A busy bag swap.

Each participant was asked to choose one idea and bring enough to share with the gang.  You left with a whole array of activities for your own busy bag. 

When I saw the contents, I got totally giddy.  It's absolutely fantastic!  A great array of various activities.  Certainly enough to keep little ones busy.  I'm keeping mine in the car...no playing with it unless we're out and about.  There's so much in there that I don't see the novelty wearing off anytime soon.

Want to see it?

Here goes:

1) Sewing.
 2) Matching pipe cleaner puzzle.
 3) Numbers and shapes car roads.
 4) Miniature chalkboard.
 5) Mini felt board monster puppets.
 6) Tongue depressors with velcro.
 7) Sand paper shape art.
 8) Various balls to pick up with tweezers.
 9) Puzzle pieces for Brown Bear, Brown Bear (which since I had the book, I threw in anyway).

10) And the one I contributed-the songs-I talked about that here.

 So there you have it, a brilliant swap.  I'd totally do one of these again.  Such fun!  Thanks to all the fantastic mamas who contributed.

And if you should do a busy bag swap yourselves, please tell me about your loot!  I love this stuff!


  1. Lovely your bag swap.
    Greetings, RW & SK

  2. Wow great learning tools. Great swap. B

  3. What a fabulous bag of activities! I love the race car with numbers! So clever.

    This swap is such a great idea. I hope you share more of your swap treasures in the future!

    Wishing you a lovely day.

  4. Yes, as Button said, great learning manipulatives! What a terrific swap!!

  5. I gave Layla two of the activities the other day when I was sewing, kept her occupied for nearly an hour :) She was playing on my bed though and I keep finding little fuzzy pom poms in my sheets. Silly girl! I'm going to steal your idea and throw a couple in the car to have on the go!

  6. Awesome! Looks like a lot of fun things in the bag. Such a cool idea.

  7. What a fab idea! Your little ones will be happily busy.

  8. What a great idea! The mini felt board monster puppets are too cute!

  9. What great things you received!! I just love this idea.



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