Thrifted. Updates. Randoms.

Still working through oodles of pictures I meant to share, but haven't.  Today will be very miscellaneous. Warning you.

A) Thrifted.  

Hit the jackpot at this random church sale. 
John Deere Hat.  
A book for me.  
A box of science experiment fun.
7, yes seven, patterns. 
Hand knit mittens. 
Slippers for baby girl and brand new slippers to surprise a special baby.
Three DK books.
A look alike book.
A pop up ABC book. 
Get this:  $5.00.

And then my favorite thrift shop.
Farm books.
John Deere puzzle.
A wooden bowl.
Three magnetic letter sets.
Again: $5.00.

I'm telling you. Get thrifting.  I have so much new and like new stuff for my kiddos for Christmas.

 -I'm *still* not done preserving.  30 qt. of pear sauce last week.  14 qt. of apple sauce this week.  Parsley drying.  Oregano drying.  Cabbage and carrots waiting on the counter.  Still a few lingering things I need to do something with.  But in the meantime, there's been a bit of time for some yummy treats (apple turnovers, anyone?!).
- I was talking with my husband today that I am amazed how helpful our kids are.  Yes, one is 3 and the other is just shy of 16 months, but they are really, really helpful.  All I did was dig and they found the carrots and put them in the bucket.  They hand me items to be line dried one by one.  He helped me plant garlic, handing me each bulb.  I made a stew today (all ingredients but one onion from us!) and my 3 year old washed all the carrots.  My 15 month old put each scrap into the bowl for chicken treats.  They load their plates into the dishwasher.  I moved the plates and such down low, so they can unload the dishwasher. They wipe the table. Unload the dryer. We stacked wood today and both of them worked for an entire hour, taking smaller pieces and putting them in the woodshed one by one.  They do so much of the animal care.  They each have a new broom and they are really getting good at sweeping. Surely, there are sometimes that they are less than helpful (wanting to dig back up the strawberries I *just* transplanted), but the majority of the time, I not only enjoy their company, but I appreciate their help, too.  Here he is retrieving kale from the garden all by himself, as requested.  I just love that I can send him to the garden to get kale and he knows exactly what to do.

-Wood fires make me happy.

-She's *still* asking to read about horses, daily.

-Farmer Rick arranged a deal with my little farmer.  If Adrian helps with haying next year, Farmer Rick will give Adrian enough hay for his goats.  "Wow, that's so cool.  Good idea." Was the verdict.

-There's much I had in mind to do this Halloween.  However, a little boy who hasn't napped in days paired with multiple Halloween events= behavior that was out of character.  I cancelled our plans.  At first I felt like a mean mama.  But then I remember, behavior is a communication and he was clearly communicating he needed some 1:1 time with his mama.  Missing out one one event didn't mean he was losing Halloween. Sometimes it takes a little thinking to separate the 'have to' with the 'like to'.  It was a chance for us to get re-balanced as a mama with her littles.  We were outside with the animals, working in the garden, having some timeless time together.  It was just what we needed. 

C) And some random pictures that I took a bit ago of us out and about, but like.  Thought I'd share.

Everything must stop with a chainsaw sighting.
This is the exact sound the chainsaws make.  Can't you hear it?
 Yeah, she's not participating in the 'make a chainsaw noise' game.
 And a random stoop where I just stopped and watched my kiddos.  A chance to slow down time and smile.

Happy Friday, all!


  1. We LOVE the Look-Alike books! They are amazing works of art!
    It must be wonderful to have kids who are so helpful. How much do I love the fact that your boy knows not only what kale is, but how to harvest it.
    Your priorities are in the right place, momma!

  2. I have been looking for rain boots for a while, but everytime I find the right size, they're too worn or dry rotted. I'll get them eventually. Great thrifting finds!

  3. Oh you and I and your lovely children would have such a lovely day thrifting together:) B

  4. I'm so proud to be your blogging buddy and friend. Great finds in the thrift stores. I think I have that same baby Simplicity pattern in a box upstairs. And, although it's hard to tell, those John Deere items look brand new. Somebody's going to be very happy Christmas morning. :-D

  5. You find the best things while thrifting! I haven't been in too long. I need to go searching for some treasures. I love that your kids are so helpful at a young age. I think that's awesome!

  6. I swear I need your go-to thrift store secrets. Growing up, I was totally spoiled - Pittsburgh seems to have strangely good thrift stores. I've been completely underwhelmed with my options up here though - maybe southern Maine is the hotbed of secondhand activity and it's all downhill once you hit Portland.



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