Thrifted. And the fun it inspires.

So, another thrifted purchase.

 A set of seven wooden bowls. Two Word rolls.  Four books.  All together=$6.00.  Score.

Especially since the bowls are pottery barn-checked that link and they cost $100+ new.  And the "Word Rolls". You put into a piano and it plays the tune by reading the roll.  Did I need these?  Nope. Do I have a piano where they'd work? Nope. But they're so neat, how could I not have them?  What to do with them though...Ideas? Unwrapped, they are sort of like a scroll.  So neat.

Do I really need more wooden bowls?   Oh goodness, I have such a collection.  But you know, they are seriously some of the most used toys.  From play kitchen cooking, to holding grain for our animals, to stacking, to boats for little oxen, to fruit displays, to collecting scraps in my sewing area, they are so useful.  Anyone want me to keep an eye open for wooden bowls for you when I'm out thrifting?  Because I really don't 'need' anymore.  But I can't help but to buy them.  Anyway, case in point...see how useful they are and the hours of fun they give us.


I think I ought to give out wooden bowl sets as gifts. They're obviously spectacular at any age.

Tell me, do you have a set of your own? Did you just put one on your Christmas wish list?  Or maybe you think we're crazy and we ought to invest in cable TV or Netflix or Hulu or something to help entertain us... 

Ahh, simple life. We embrace you.


  1. Fabulous finds! I'll bet salad tastes that much better in them. ;0)

  2. Oh you made me laugh who knew there was so many uses for wooden bowls:) Love those little reels I would have bought those too.
    Hug B

  3. Nice photos!
    Greetings, from Holland, RW & SK

  4. That is a score! I love the wood bowls! I would totally keep them and use them for sorting activities (i.e. a handful of leaves in the larger bowl, sort out the "matching" leaves into the smaller bowls).

    Great photos (especially the one of the hubs... lol).

  5. Ok, couple of ideas for the music rolls...if you're willing to cut them up that is. I assume when opened they look like sheet music? It's been years since I have seen one. Anyway...

    Use it to back a book case:

    Frame It:

    Cover a table:

    Or make ornaments out of it:

    Love the wood bowls!

  6. I do love wooden bowls as well! Yours are really cute. You can always use a wooden bowl :)

    And those music rolls are really cool! Maybe you could frame them?

  7. Obviously you need to thrift a player piano now.

  8. I like wooden bowls too, but I only have a couple of little ones that I bought to put toys in when I was nursery leader at my church. Your husband looks so good humoured. What a fun family you must be. :-)



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