Thrifted. Updates. Randoms.

Fair warning: Today is another miscellaneous round.

A) A couple more rounds of thrifting.

I drove past an antique store that said "Entire Store, 50%+ off".  It might as well have said "Jackie, you KNOW you NEED to stop."

Anyway, I have this unspoken list of things that I am always looking for when I thrift.  I've been looking for a plate rack that would fit my counter tops.  This is a fab vintage one that I got for $5.00.  Plus two vintage plates for a dollar a piece. Plus this little hand stitched number for two dollars.  Can't buy all this new for $9.00.
Did I need art work? Nope.  But it totally belongs here.

And then a thrift shop.

LL Bean 100% wool sweater, brand new book with pages that slide, four puzzles, boots for baby girl, LL Bean boots for my big boy, a hat that says "exercise" and a wooden puzzle.  

B) Updates.

1) I am sitting down after a very busy day of work and then coming home and making 6 loaves of bread, finishing 13 quarts of pears, another fabulous batch of brownies with hazelnut drizzle and folding 6 loads of laundry. Kitchen is only semi clean and laundry is half put away. But I'm calling it good enough.  I'm thankful my little ones love doing chores with me, such special times we share.
2) I totally linger in the kitchen after the jars are pulled from the canner, just to hear the pop.
3) My brother and his girlfriend are flying in tomorrow.  I'm pumped.
4) My husband commented that he knows what season it is by how much I sew.  It's sewing season now.
5) I was asked to be a guest speaker at the Annual Maine Down Syndrome Conference this past weekend, wearing my professional hat. Such remarkable families I had the pleasure of meeting.  It was in Portland, Maine.  Not far from us, but we don't do urban stuff too often.  Not that Portland is *that* urban, but it's more urban than we usually do. My husband and kids came too-he brought them for a run in the jogging stroller while I was speaking. Goodness, my kids LOVED the city.  It was sort of like a giant outing to them. So much to see and do.  I forget that sort of thing is stuff they haven't experienced and they really ought to, given we live so close. 

C) Random pics of said "urban" outing.


  When all was said and done, that night before bed, my Adrian said "Mama, I loved the city so much, but I love being a farmer best."  Oh, I understand you completely, sweet boy.  I really do.


  1. You are a thrifting maven!
    So glad you enjoyed your time in the "big city".

  2. More fabulous finds! It seems strange to see the children in an urban setting. I'm glad everyone had a good time. I'm sure your presentation was fabulous. :-)

  3. Wow - you did great on thrifting!! Congrats to you on speaking in Portland - you should be very proud. :) I LOVE Portland. I tried to get my husband to agree to move to the outskirts.....didn't work. We moved to Upstate NY instead. Love your post as always.

  4. P.S. I keep forgetting to say that I LOVE your new header. :)

  5. More awesome finds! I love that plate rack and those pretty plates (my weakness). Also that sweater is an awesome deal! So funny that we did similar posts at the same time haha.

    That is so cute that Adrian likes the city, but likes the country more. So sweet! And congrats on the speaking gig!



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