Thrifted. Updates. Randoms.

It's another Jackie Miscellaneous post.

1) Thrifted.  Still more from summer.
Boots, a few yards of fabric, an enamal tea kettle, sequence, a pottery bowl, two Christmas socks and a brand new paper doll cut out type Old McDonald.  $6.50.
A roasting pan dating from 1911, see below, Boggle, a brand new, tags still on it winter coat, two pairs of gloves, a hoodie and this fabulous bag of wooden game pieces.  $5.00 jackpot.

This bag is so fun.  Old wooden checkers, dominos, monopoly pieces.
Fun manipulatives now and a toy that will grow with them.  Look how adorable this little house is!

2) Updates.

-I am really enjoying the food consumption this fall.  Dinner time=every item served is from our garden.  I might have a purchased onion and some salt for flavor, but virtually everything else is from the garden.  And the kids gobble it up.

-I have a fabulous cake on the counter.  I just sort of made it up, inspired by 50% off candy at the grocery store.  It's a snickers cake with chocolate frosting and peanut butter frosting in the middle.  It's yummy.  (Let me know if you want the recipe. I'd be happy to recreate it and measure what I did.  Mmm.)  I had an extra big piece.  Because I got a 3mile run in today, I totally earned it, yes?

-Watching me *try* to run the rototiller is quite comical, imagine.  It's all tangled up with weeds now and I just wheeled it to the garage and parked it.  So not like me to leave something nonfunctional.  But I have a long time before I need to be worrying about having the garden just so, don't I?

-I've been giving my sewing machine a work out on my own and teaching a sweet 3rd grader a few projects too.  I just love young enthusiasm for creating.

-I've been reading up on raspberries.  Hoping that we're one step closer to fruit in the spring/summer with the 67 plants I planted last spring.  Someday there will be a big beautiful hedge and there will be so many berries, I'll be inviting friends left and right to help me pick/consume them.  Someday...

3) Randoms.

He says he's always going to want to ride on mama's back.  "Because my mama is special in my wide world and I love her sooo much."  Who can refuse that?

 And those buckets.  My they are getting constant workouts.  Two little farmers with their buckets.  Adorable.



  1. Your kids are so sweet.
    Love the bargains you got-especially the enamel stuff!
    Enjoy your weekend!

  2. I love so the photos of the children.
    Greetings, RW & SK

  3. Oh it must be so rewarding eating only from your own produce that is wonderful. I love your thrifting we would have a lot of fun together in a store I am sure. Oh your children make me smile. B

  4. What AWESOME thrifted finds! We LOVE Boggle Jr.!

    Great photos too!

    I've been giving my sewing machine a work out as well... 'tis the season!

  5. Those boots are so cute! And I love Boggle. Such a fun game. I love how he still wants to ride on your back. SO precious!

  6. I like those buckets too. And all your thrifted finds for such incredible deals. I bought 1 - that's o-n-e jumper at a thrift store last week and it was $8.00. Clearly, I need your help!

  7. So sweet - every single part of this post. :)



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