Announcing: Christmas Cookie TAG (And I'm it!)

Remember the days of tag?When you'd run and run and run, trying to avoid the one who was "it"? How you'd get sooooo close to being caught and you'd arch your back to just squeak by without being caught? And then you'd run *just* a little closer to the "it" person, but never close enough to actually get caught. You'd spend your whole recess trying to be safe. And you'd celebrate with tired legs and rosy cheeks if you made it the whole recess being 'safe'.
Well, we have a new type of tag for you. But in this one it is FUN to get caught and you MUST get caught. Because what we have to offer you is so delicious that you wouldn't want to NOT be caught. That's right. You want to be caught right in the middle of our Christmas cookie baking game of TAG.
Whoever is "it" bakes cookies and posts the recipe for everyone to enjoy. And then she tags the next blogger, who will also be in charge of baking and adding a recipe to our TAG game. And she'll tag the next. And the next. And the next. And before you know it, we'll be up to our ears in delicious cookie-ness. Cookie-ness is the very best state of being during the holiday season. Cookie-ness really ought to be a word. And now I'm hungry. Up first is: Jackie from Born Imaginative! (Hey, that's me!)

Please join:
Jackie from Born Imaginative
Daisy from Maple Hill 101
We'll be tagging each other for the next three weeks bringing you 12 delicious cookie recipes for your Christmas holiday! We hope that you check back with us to see who's going to be the next "tagged" person!! 
And as an added bonus, I thought I'd go ahead and share with you a couple of my holiday "must makes" recipes.  A family friend made this a-MAZ-ing cookie sampler annually. It seriously was the best part of our Christmas time eating. Given I live states away, I conned her into giving me her recipes.  Yum.  (And thanks, JoAnne!)  Make sure to check out the other bloggers today.  They're linking up some past goodies. Mmm. Make sure to try these listed below.  You won't be sorry:

Buckeyes (Gluten Free).  Recipe here.

Mexican Wedding Cakes. Recipe here.

Danish Chocolate Orange Cookies.  Recipe here.
Christmas Casserole Cookies (Gluten Free).  Recipe here.

And these aren't a part of  her recipe collection, but I love them so.
Soft Sugar Frosted Cookies.  Recipe here.

Okay, now it's your turn.  What are your 'must makes'?  Or do you think you want to give one of these a whirl?  Or tell me how excited you are about this game of cookie tag?  Are you PUMPED like me?  (I do love my desserts.)
Oh yeah...I almost forgot, I'm IT in this game of TAG.  I better get baking.  I have three days to deliver a scrumptious recipe to you.  I'm on in.  
Check back soon!  

And do share this post with your friends/family and on your facebook page.  I'm betting you have friends who would love "in" on this game of TAG.  It's not to miss.

Okay, I'm rambling.  I better get baking!  (And sampling).  Three cheers for Christmas Cookie TAG!


  1. Oh my, I love Christmas cookies. Looking forward to getting some new ideas!

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. I'm thinking those buckeyes may be in my not so distant future. Yum!

  3. You have so much enthusiasm for this series! It's infectious. I'll be posting the cookie intro on my blog tomorrow. There is a group of ladies I've been emailing every Saturday for the past 12 weeks to help get organised for Christmas.

    In September I promised a Baking Bonanza without actually knowing what I was going to do. This is PERFECT. I'll be sending the ladies links to the cookie tag blogs in their email tomorrow and little reminders to visit the blogs throughout the next 3 weeks. It couldn't have worked out any better! :-)

  4. I pined this for myself and my friend Heidi, she has to eat gluten free.

  5. I just started my Christmas cookie list! Glad I came across your post. Thanks for sharing, they all look wonderful!



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