Re-Discovering Snow

Even if you're not a snow lover, it's hard to deny the magic of that first snowfall of the season.  I woke up to a "Mama, there's snow!  Can we go outside?"  Just like that, we were outside before 7am. Goodness, they had fun.  And I just love a rosy cheeked kiddo who needs to snuggle mama to warm up.

As it often does this time of year, that snow melted before we could blink.  A very disappointed three year old said "Mama, why did the snow disappear?  I'm going to ask got to bring lotsa lotsa lotsa snow and for that snow to stay a long time." 


Thankful for these winter loving kids.


  1. Looks like the goats enjoyed it, too :) Good thing your kids like snow with you living in such a snowy climate!



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