Fall Coat for my One Year Old

This may be my very favorite thing I made my son thus far.  A fall coat.  I bought all the fabric at yard sales and thrift shops...which I think given the small part of the fabric I used, I spent $.75 in fabric.  Can't beat that.  I sort of used a McCalls pattern that I got for a quarter at a thrift shop.  But I sort of didn't really follow the pattern because I wanted it lined. I made the sleeves and length longer so I can let them out.  Hoping it will last longer that way. I'm super happy with how it came out.

I tried my hardest to get pictures of my little one modeling.  Obviously I was interrupting a dance party and he was moving waaay too fast for me to snap a picture.  I was going to try again, but thought these pictures were pretty silly.  The sunhat is mama made too. Click here to see that post.
But, once he saw those beloved chickens, all the dancing stopped and those chickens had his undivided attention. 
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  1. You're so freaking talented!!!! I love it!

  2. Love it Jackie! You did such a great job and he models soooo well!



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