Five Bucks and a Thrift Shop

I'm very blessed that one of my mom's closest friends has turned into one of my friends. Even though it's been 15 years since my mom passed away, we've kept in touch.  This dear friend (who is a blog follower) sent Adrian a crisp $5 bill for his birthday, knowing how I can stretch a dollar.  Challenge on!  Here's my find...

Two Eric Carle books
This neat wooden screw and nut building set.
A hand knit sweater (love!)
A wooden skewer/bbq set.
Melissa and Doug sandwich making set

Grand total:  $5.50
(okay, so I added $.50...I couldn't bring myself to put anything back)
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  1. It looks like the wooden screw and nut building set is the one we have for our little one (who absolutely LOVES it.) It is by Melissa and Doug (and it called a wooden tool kit.) Great finds!



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