Going to see the chickens? Must wear a hat.

Well, this is an odd title for a post.  What's this all about?  After bathtime every night, my little one does his baby sign for 'chicken' to remind me that he'd like to go help close the coop door.  I pop my little one in the ring sling, and he does his sign language for 'hat'.  It's an apparent rule that he made up that upon visiting the chickens, one must be dressed in their best attire.  Not any hat will due.  He reaches and whines for mama's hat.  This is the one that is suited best for the chickens, apparently.  
These chickens are pretty darn exciting.  We apparently need to talk about them throughout the day as well. That and the doggie and the kitty.  I think I have a little farmer.  I guess it runs in the family.
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  1. That is so cute! And I am so proud of you for having a child that wants to wear a hat. Our little one at home will not keep a hat on his head for more than ten seconds.

  2. So cute! Caroline is like that when we go out. The minute she sees me grab her shoes she knows we're really going out and starts asking for her hair bows and a hat. Love them!



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