Wheels on the Bus Softie and FREE PATTERN!

Remember that Naptime Bag project I was working on?  Well, here's the latest softie.  It's the Wheels on the bus. We have 4 Wheels on the Bus books that it goes perfectly with.

It joins:
The Puppy Crinkle Toy for "How Much Is that Doggie in the Window" and 

The wheels on the bus go round and round....
 Complete with a license plate for another little guy...

Okay, so here's where it all gets crazy.  I am attempting at publishing my very first free pattern.  It has been very challenging for me to try to document what I do, as I'm so used to just pulling things together and creating without a plan.  But recording and describing...that's a whole new bear. And to try to figure out how to upload the pattern I wrote to be printables?  My brain hurts.

Now, I am most happy to make more patterns of my stuff if anyone is interested.  I rarely ask for feedback...but if you could please let me know if the patterns are appreciated or if just seeing my wacky ideas is enough?  If no one cares for a pattern, I'll go about my business creating and posting.  But if you think you will ever be inspired to try a pattern, please let me know and I will create patterns for the other softies I have made (penguin mama and baby, owl, dog, spider...and more to come).  I don't mind doing the work if someone is interested in using it.

Also, like I said, this is the first time I've done a pattern.  I hope the conversion from my piece of paper to the computer to your printer to your cutting table works.  Feedback (in a nice way) would be appreciated.

Okay, well here goes...

Wheels on the Bus Softie- an original by Jackie

1) Cut all pieces according to the patterns below:

Pattern (2 pages)

You should have 4 yellow pieces and 12 blue pieces.
*Note, all seam allowances are included in pattern.

2) Pin side windows on bus sides.  Applique using zig zag stitch on machine.  Determine where you'd like the front and back windows on the longest yellow piece.  Pin in place and applique.

3) The piece that says 'Bus sides/top' is the piece that attaches the two bus sides together.  It runs from the front of the bus, to the top and along back. With right sides together, pin that piece to one of the bus sides, starting and ending at the X. With pins, ease the fabric in around the curves.  Stitch very carefully.  Repeat same step with other bus side.  Now the upper portion of the bus is complete.

4) Pin right sides together of bus bottom to upper portion of the bus.  Stitch, leaving a ~3 inch opening.

5) Turn bus right side out. Press. Fill with stuffing.  Hand stitch to close.

6) (See pictures). With each wheel, baste 1/4 of an inch from edge, do not backstitch at either end.  Leave long threads loose.  If you want, you can stitch an 1/8 inch as well (just in case your thread breaks, you won't need to go back to square one).  Holding one end of the thread, pull the opposite side to gather the seam.  Hold the other end of the string and do the same.  You may need to pinch and pull fabric to ease the seam in gathering.  It should gather into a circle.  Hand stitch the wheels in place.  Add an hand applique license, if desired.

Don't forget to let me know if you think you will try this and how it goes if you do!  Like I said, if there's interest, I'll keep my patterns coming.  Thanks for reading!

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