Five Bucks and a Thrift Shop

Happy Halloween!
I was going to have Halloween pictures to post, but given the snowstorm and the power outages, I didn't get a chance to upload.  Soon!

Two cloth diaper covers,
Wooden ball pound,
New Eric Carle book pack,
DK tractor book,
Teddy Mix and Match Game,
Melissa and Doug Wooden Animal Train

Cost:  $5.00.  Exactly.

Also, I bought a complete wardrobe the next size up for my growing boy.  Most were name brand stuff and in great condition...except for the jammies.  Which I think worn in jammies are more cozy anyway.

I got:
2 t shirts
1 collared long sleeved shirt
2 turtle necks
6 long sleeved shirts
3 sweatshirts
1 button up shirt
2 sweaters (one homemade)
3 sweat pants, 1 wind pants
2 snow pants
5 jammies
winter coat
pair of shoes
pair of slippers
pair of rain boots
pair of winter boots
2 winter hats

That's 34 items...all for $30.50 total.

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