Five Bucks and a Thrift Shop

Another book by the "Stranger in the Woods" author
A Biscuit lift the flap book
Purpose Drive Life (My husband has given away the last 3 we had, so need to replenish)
Two kids hats (I hardly ever buy plastic toys, but the kid LOVES hats.  And for a quarter a piece, why not?)
A sundress for me
A portable bead maze (which has been a favorite toy in church)
A hat for mama, as seen here

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  1. I spent a few more dollars than five, but I'm still super excited for my latest thrift store find. (We'll see if I remember it all.) For our almost walking boy we got a car/scooter/thingy to ride, a wooden bead maze, a stuff it toy, a stuffed bat toy (perfect for the holidays), a stuffed pumpkin (I love pumpkin accessories), two wrist crinkle toys (19 cents each!), a cowboy hat for the tickle trunk, a boy's bow tie, one footed sleeper, two long sleeve onesies, a 12 month bath robe, a pair of fleece pants for the boy, and a super cute Izod sweater-all in the boy's size. Throw in a pair of clown shoes and it was all mine for $20. I love a good deal on stuff that still has so much use out of it. Later on that day I was at the mall and walking through one of the chain stores and saw toys for boys starting at $30. I am so happy for someone else to pay that price, use it, then give it to the thrift store so I can get it for such a steal.



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