Sometimes there's lots of grown up matters that become overwhelming.  Work schedule arranging, new roof, refinancing, appraisal....etc etc etc... with two parents who are home together a couple hours a week, total.  Never ending piles that must be nearing the due date.  Clutter that needs to be organized before the appraisal.  And then you go around the corner seconds later and find this:
For which you try hard not to sigh a big sigh, for many of the necessary cards (read: driver's license!) have been deposited in the nearest or farthest small space, ideal for a game of hide and seek. 
So then you go outside...maybe the paperwork can be organized outside.  Except for the little one has a one track mind to the chicken coop.
But that was yesterday.  Today will surely be different.  My husband and I *must* get these papers signed and out.  Let's try outside again. 
You guessed it, those chickens prevail.

But then, at the end of the day, with much (but not all) of the to-do list accomplished, a squeaky clean little boy ready for jammies smiles his big smile and blows a kiss.   A reminder of the big things in life that matter. 
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