Farming it.

Given that I grew up on a farm and most of my mom's side are farmers, it's very odd to me to have to seek out farming opportunities for my little guy.  Of course, if I lived closer to my hometown, I'm sure my son would have regular tractor rides and be a helpful milker.  Since 6 1/2 hours is too far to drive for a milking, we must find farms near us. 

University of New Hampshire Cooperative Extension was were it was at for us.  My little guy was noticing, but not believing he was going to be able to see the animals at first.
His first steps into the barn included pointing. 
But then there was giggling, cheering and lots of waving and saying "Hi" to the animals.

Horses too, which he said were scary, and he wanted to be in mama or dada's arms.  Can't complain about that!  And really, how big these animals must look to him.

And real live tractors, now that's excitement right there.

When we left the barn, a farmer asked our little guy what he thought.  His response?  A vivacious "WOW" and then a round of applause.  We have a little farmer right here.
It looks like we shall be farming it again soon. 
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