Our winter rhythm

In many parenting magazines and books that I read, there's a lot of talk about the importance of rituals and routines in the lives of little ones'.  Even though there's quite a bit of hustle bustle going on in my mind, particularly on the days I work, I try to mentally slow myself down, to enjoy the morning with my little guy, to create a sense of predictably for him.

I will hold the memories of this winter dear to my heart.  He always wakes up with a "mama".  He'll say it once if I move immediately or a whole string of "mama, mama, mama, mama, mamas" on the days I'm less eager to arise from hibernation. Our house is always cold in the morning, from the fire petering out.  My little guy decides he must find a hat and/or boots.   I let the dog out and start a fire.  He helps crumple paper.  As we're getting toasty warm, he drags over the monthly book basket and we read a half dozen books.  Such a perfect start before the laundry washing/dishwasher unloading/breakfast making/lunch packing/chicken tending/cat feeding beings.  More days than not, I'll hear "up mama" or "carrier", as he still likes to be close to his mama (so thankful for baby wearing!).  Lately, I also hear "mama sit", a good reminder to not be in such a hurry that I miss out on breakfast with my little guy.  Yes, we go about our morning, just the two of us, of course with my to-do list, but with togetherness being the most important goal. 

Soon our mornings will not begin with starting a fire.  Instead, we'll migrate outside to hang the wash on the clothesline.  We'll have our breakfast on the front porch while enjoying the flowers and the chorus of birds.  Just the same that we did last year, although a few toy trucks will likely be joining us at breakfast this year.  There's a magic to the simultaneous newness and familiarity new seasons bring.  And to think, I'll be sharing this winter tradition with two next winter.  How amazing is that?

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