Thrifted Jogger Strollers: Score! Plus our passenger(s).

What was the first purchase we made when we found out we're pregnant the first time around?  A jogging stroller.  What's the first purchase (other than a couple thrifted outfits) for our baby girl? A double jogger.  You see, when you're from a family of runners, such purchases seem more essential that car seats.  

How about a like new $100 double jogger...found on craigslist...purchased from a family just a few miles away from us?  Score! 
Of course, we needed to test it out to make sure it worked.  Harley, our 21 pound cat, is always a willing participant.  Not that we're hoping for a 21 pound infant, but you's the best we could do. Our little guy was quite confused at first, but then thought it was fantastic having a co-pilot.

What?  Did you miss the pictures of him in the single stroller?  Of course, I wasn't blogging back then!  I'll pop those below too.
I think Harley thought the solo ride was much more relaxing.  In fact, life in general was more relaxing prior to 2010, before our little whirlwind.

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  1. Oh Jackie. These photos really tickled me.

  2. What an incredibly patient cat! Ours would never have been down for that for a minute let alone long enough to take all of those photos! Adorable!



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