Miniature Picnic Table

"Do you ever think your ideas are over the top?"  That's what my husband said to me when he discovered what I was working on.  WHAT?  Over the top?!  No, I don't think this is over the top.  I mean, if you were a kid, would you wanted a miniature picnic table for your bears?  One that matches the 'just my size' picnic table your mama made for you?  I think he was just afraid that I'd ask him to be involved. Which he did help me make a couple cuts, so I guess his concern was justified.  But tell me, do you think this is over the top?

Or maybe I'm the only one who thinks Mr. Earl the bear needs a picnic table his size to enjoy the felt fruits (also mama made).  
Here you can see both picnic tables I made.

My little guy was delighted to play initially.
But soon, he decided he'd rather have Earl the bear sit next to him at his picnic table. 

 Okay, so maybe my husband was right.  Maybe the bear size picnic table wasn't necessary.  But do I at least get points for cuteness?! 


  1. Umm, we went back and bought another Adirondack chair for bear so he'd have a spot so not over the top at all :) I think it's just right. Plus, your little girl will love to play with it with her dolls :)

  2. not over the top, my kids would love that!



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