Summer Commitment #2

Summer Commitment #2 is family time will triumph our to do list, not just occasionally, but at least once a week.  That's least once a week, we're going to put a family outing ahead of house painting, laundry, meal making, weeding, etc.  We seem to get precious little family time between our opposite schedules and the amount of overtime my husband usually has to do.  Last year, particularly because our new garage needed priming and painting, we spent too much time on household chores.  We still did family stuff, but that took second seat. This year is going to be different.  This year family time will come before our to do list.  Because these times with our little ones are too precious to miss.

I dare say we're off to a good start. Happiness is...

A sweet path to the beach, in spring weather...

 Enjoying new green and noticing new buds.

Appreciating serene marsh pools, and then oooing in excitement as the minnows scatter.

 Loving that the sun is so warm that outer layers need to come off.

 Noticing little friends from summers past are enjoying the weather, too.

 Feeling the sense of peace upon arriving at our destination.

Admiring our sleeping angel and the beautiful surroundings.
But waking him so he could enjoy life at the beach too.
Enjoying time with mama.

Learning to skip stones with dada.

And celebrating the life within and thinking about bringing her to the beach along with us.  Oh, the memories that await!
Nothing tops days like this.  Not a single thing that we ignored from our to do list would be more memorable.

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