Spotlight on my Dad...Toy Trains

The BOG (Bald Old Grandpa), who lives 6 1/2 hours away, called randomly last Thursday and asked if we were up for company.  Why yes! Yes, of course!

He didn't come empty handed.  This is his latest creation.  Wow, huh?! 

My little guy had to be convinced to open the rest, as he was so happy with the first one, he didn't see a need to open any more.

But, we did get them all out.
Which led to a "WOW" and a high five.

The growing mama in the window is most impressed. 
Something tells me that this train will be getting oodles of use. 
Thanks, BOG.
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  1. This is AMAZING! He's so talented! It's no wonder you are! Seriously! That is awesome!

  2. WOW!! That is beautiful. He is so talented.



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