Thrifting...and pictures of my little guy.

Yes, over my $5 challenge budget again.  But there were just SOOO many great deals this time around.

28 swatches of fabric....sizes ranging from fat quarters to a couple yards.  These were taped together in lots, a buck for 3-5 chunks.  Some fabrics I love, some I'll use for practice.  If you know anything about fabric, this is definitely over $100 worth of fabric.

A book  about babies for the big brother to be.

Plus, clothes, clothes and more clothes! (not pictured)-3 pairs of pants (Old Navy score: cords, jeans and sweat pants) for the big brother
-2 long sleeved shirts and a Roots hoodie for the big brother
-2 dresses, 1 skirt, 2 pairs of paints, 3 shirts, jammies and a spring coat

Plus a pair of socks with trucks on them.  Those were a hit!! (pictured below)

Total:  $10.50

Who would have guessed a pair of socks for a quarter would delight this little guy's world?  I think he likes thrifting just as much as his mama.  Oh, and did I mention he loves his mama made giraffe shirt?  And that he requests to wear it?  This boy has my heart!
Posted by PicasaI love that he loves what I love.  Praying it will last!

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