Fill-able, Earth Friendly Easter Eggs (Free Pattern)

Making fill-able Easter eggs was on my "to make" list last year.  I'm trying to avoid buying plastic as much as possible...which includes plastic eggs.  But, the project was never completed. I guess that's okay, because my little guy wasn't much of a mover last year yet anyway.  I guess it's just fine, as with this project in mind, I picked up Easter ribbon in the dollar bin at Target this year.

I looked on the web and pinterst for patterns, with no luck.  There's quite a few ideas out there, as this isn't an original idea, but I didn't find a pattern to make my job easier. Once I got the egg the right shape, I whipped up 6 in less than an hour. If you're interested in making some, here's the pattern.  Forgot to mention in the pattern that 1/4 inch seam allowances are included. Good luck...and make sure you show me what you make!
This could also be a fun kid project, as you could together glue embellishments on the eggs.
Here's what the back looked like.  Perfect opening for little treasures or candy.
What's great about them, too, is they'll stack and store for next year much easier than plastic eggs.  It will join the homemade Easter basket I made my little guy last year. 

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