There's a couple types of messes I don't mind...

There's many messes I mind.  Such as spilling a quart of homemade maple syrup on the floor (my fault...and my helper kept saying "Mama, mess" and "Uhoh, mess"...thank you for the narration, little guy).  I also mind cat hairballs.  I don't enjoy a cleaning a smoothie spilled on a rug.  I could do without sweeping the piles of pet hair that accumulate on our stairs.   But, nevertheless, there are some messes that I don't mind at all, and in fact they make me smile.  

I love messy faces.  It's evidence how much somebody really enjoys mama made.
And I love piles of books that develop not out of carelessness, but because there's just too much to read to be bothered to organize.  I love, love, love finding my independent reader deeply engrossed in a book of choice. Yes, I don't mind these sorts of messes at all.
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