The Tiny Puppy Playset

So, yesterday I showed you the tiny puppy I made (here's the pattern).  But I couldn't stop there.  I saw this cute little fox play set on pinterest.  I thought my little guy would enjoy a puppy playset.  So, off I went to create.  And I'm pretty darn excited about it.

Food and water.

A bone and a ball for toys.  Plus a leash for walks.
There's a blanket and pillow, which can be used in and out of the box.

It all fits into the box with ease. 

Best part is the whole set was 100% totally and completely free.  It all was made from cotton or wool scraps.

My little guy is quite excited about it.  It will be a great church toy, for sure.  And you know...even if you're not a sewer, I'm guessing you have a box and some random goods around the house that you could maybe make your own little puppy playset.
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  1. Oh my gracious, I LOVE this!!

    1. I may have secretly made it because I was the one who wanted it. :)



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