There's much that I have had to let go of lately.  It's so hard for me to let go, I so like to be in control.  The truth is, I can't do everything at the same time, even though I so want to. I just can't. 

 Sometimes I feel defeated when I think/say that I can't.  But, I need to remember the path we've been birth to two kids under the age of two, spontaneously deciding to make an offer on my dream house while on maternity leave, going through a very stressful buying process, going back to working shifts opposite my husband (and thus being a sort of single parent the majority of the time) and then moving our dear family (mostly) ourselves into a piece of property that needs work, while still owning our original house.  

Oh my.  When I think that, who wouldn't feel deflated?  But, it's still hard. We will have boxes gathered here and there for weeks to come.  The project list gets longer.  The days are getting shorter.   I don't know when my sewing machine will be dusted off, but it won't be soon. My regular runs have taken a sideline.  My hair is in desperate need of a trim.  Christmas shopping isn't on the radar.  I don't even know if I will muster the time and energy to decorate for the holidays, nevermind making homemade gifts.  If I do manage Christmas cards, I can assure you they will be late.  I have to be okay with letting some things go.  

But, there's some that I'm not willing to compromise on.

My two little ones. 
 Their awesome dad.

And good food.  There's chaos around us, but there's good homemade food in our kitchen and in our bellies. I'm thankful the kitchen was one of the first things we set up.  Preparing food as a family gives us together time.  The smell and sight of home cooking and baking makes this house feel like home.  A complete, delicious family meal settles us all in and reminds us of all we have.

It's not my hoosier (won't fit in the kitchen), but my I have a baking station nonetheless. And of course my little helper at my heels and my other little helper snuggled tight to my chest.

Sure, there's lots that I haven't been doing as of late.  However, I have my dear family and good food.  When I remember that, I don't think of all I haven't done, I think of all I have.  And I really am quite blessed.

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  1. That is a lot to deal with in a short amount of time! It's great that you got your kitchen set up to cook good meals. I think that's a great priority :)



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