Birthday Party Playset (Upcycled)

Yet another playset idea.  I got so many kudos for the last fire station play set, paired with requests to see more here's another.

A birthday party play set.

Inspired by this:

And all the fun that went along with this birthday.

Why limit the fun to just real birthdays?  I mean we have a dozen of stuffed animals who need to have a celebration too, right?

So, here it is...our birthday party play set.

From left to right, here's the trimmings: 

Empty boxes gift boxes and gift bags...ready to be filled.  

A mailbox, stuffed with old birthday cards and envelopes.
Shelf containing old cameras to capture moments. 
Party games, like beanbag toss. 
Play money to stuff in the cards.
Box of tiny use as pretend gifts.

Melissa and Doug Birthday cakes.
Tea set.

 Birthday sign.
Decked out birthday mobile.

Birthday books.
Play flowers to make a birthday bouquet.

Aren't you just dying to play?!

Proof that I'm not the only one who enjoys these playsets  (gifting mama made turtle and duck softies...melt!). 

Is there a birthday party playset in your future?


  1. Cute! We have birthday parties on an almost daily basis around here in anticipation for a certain someone's 3rd :)

  2. How fun! I'd love to play for sure :) I bet the kids really enjoy it. You are such a fun and creative mama!



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