You know what's amazing?  Watching the bond that is growing stronger by the day.  Sure they have their moments..."Mama, Audra's looking a me.  No looking a Adrian.  Never never never look a Adrian.  Mama, Audra looking a Adrian".  But, that's not all the time.  She looks up to him, wants to do everything he does.  He is beginning to find the delight in showing her. 
I was folding laundry right next to these precious ones.  They were playing mail.  Yes, they.  It wasn't just her parked in one spot and watching.  They were sharing, interacting, 'playing' together.

 Favorite softies close by (most all homemade!),

 there was much mail to deliver, you see.
My heart was smiling.
There's much delight in watching them grow, that's for sure.


  1. Beautiful babies, beautiful moments to store in your memory bank for when they grow older. I should be a grandma by now but that isn't happening...but oh how I remember those...almost exact words..."Mom...she's looking at me"...just thinking of that makes me smile. The photo above looks like it could be a poster child photo for two beautiful Scandinavian babies...that photo, in my eyes, could definitely win a, so cute. I really love your many good ideas, such a beautiful home you are making and you are so strong and positive...I come and visit here to lift my spirits some days...thank you for sharing.

  2. This is so precious. I bet it is such a joy to watch them grow and interact together. I love all the photos :) Their softies are so cute, too!



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