Thrifting, Decor and Photo Takes.

  Warning:  This post is filled with randomness. 

To start with, it's a thrifting post.  I didn't *mean* to shop.  I really didn't.  I was just dropping off the Von Trapp/ Sound of Music type drapes that I removed from the living room here.  And then...I saw this firkin table.  You see, I asked her what she was selling it for and she said $2.50.  I saw that the legs can unscrew and I thought it needed a friend...and I had other firkins at home it could be with.  I didn't tell her that it was worth around $60...I just said I'd take it.  And then I saw the 'tea' spout container.  I saw it last time around...for $1.99.  I didn't need it, the top was missing, so I skipped.  But I secretly told myself that if it was still there, I'd take it home.  And then I saw a train for a quarter.  And then I saw a like new coat and snowpants a couple sizes up...for $0.75 a piece.  What do you know, I had quite the collection.  And I wasn't even shopping.  Grand total was $5.50...although her math didn't make sense, I took it all anyway.  An even better deal!

You know what excited me even more?  I had a top that fit this tea container perfectly.  It's worth much more than $1.99, but I'm not selling, so don't ask.  It will go perfect with my hypothetical summer picnics.
And for now, both match the decor. My models show off.

This farmhouse is becoming the perfect blend of old and new.  Just the way I like it.

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