Out in the snow.

I've admitted in this space that I'm not a fan of making snowmen.  I also am not a fan of playing in the snow in general.  Don't get me wrong, I love to x country ski, snowshoe, ice skate, sled, go for a run in the snow...even shovel.  Anything that's active and keeps you warm.  Imaginary play though...much more fun in warmer places. I'm all set with pushing the snow with play tractors.  Also, building anything in the snow is work for nothing, as it just melts.   There you have it...my confession. Playing in the snow is not my thing.

However, I do make an effort to get out there with them.  I remember my parents playing with me in the snow and how special it was to have them make a fort, an igloo, trails in the driveway to follow or a family of bunny snowmen. So, I bundle up and keep my grumbling silent.  Hoping they won't think that I was a slug in the snow.

 Can you spy my little snow lover?
 And his cute sister? 
And Kammie?

I grabbed a shovel and plant containers.

 We (meaning me) made.....
 an igloo/fort.

 No wonder why I'm not a fan...I'm always doing the grunt work. I was the one who got stuck making the snowman while everyone (including my husband) watched. 


 Anyway, they loved it.
And it was fun watching them enjoy it


And I might have had fun taking their pictures.

 Who am I kidding?  I did have fun.  Glad I stopped my grumbling long enough to appreciate our time together.
 Happy igloo making, friends!

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  1. Such cute photos! It's sweet that you go out in the snow with them even though it's not your thing. I like to play in the snow for a little while, but then I'm over it!



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