Snowed in.

With a snowblower that broke after the first pass yesterday and snowdrifts up  to our chest, we're officially snowed in.  Which is fine, as no one has any business going anywhere with roads as they are.  There's no signs of stopping, this blizzard is intense. 

We're lucky that the drift made it such that we can at least open our door.  However, I tried to get to the chickens, but couldn't.  Can you see how tiny our watering can is right there?  Think we need to dig our snowshoes out.

 Except our snowshoes are in the garage.  How are we going to get there with drifts like this?!
Hard to believe this was just yesterday...

I'm pretty sure we'll do the same as yesterday, baby girl and I can hang out and we'll send the boys out.

 How soon will she be crawling, by the way?!

Stay safe and warm, folks.  And make sure you sign your significant other up to do the work, take advice from me.



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