Thanks, mama.

 If sweet girl could talk, she'd say "Thank you, mama" for all these thrifted finds.

 What did I get? All of this:
 (Three pairs of warm socks, knitted baby slippers, these stacking wooden bowls).
Plus this: 
(It's a hand embroidered 4 ft. duck for big brother's room).

All for $9.00

And a closer look at those darling slippers. 

 And a closer look at an upside down sweet girl.
 She has claimed these wooden bowls.
  I thought they'd be a play kitchen type toy, but she has other ideas.
 Well, they're most exciting until a certain dog becomes more entertaining.
 I guess it's good to take a break from important work when your best pal comes over to play.
All in all, I'm sure she's saying "Thanks, mama".


  1. oh those slippers! so precious. and your girl, a true cutie patootie :)

  2. Those bowls are so gorgeous! I love wooden bowls. And what cute little slippers! :)

  3. I agree with Our Neck of the Woods about the bowls and slippers. Those slippers are sweet. The bowls are wonderful. When I led the nursery at church I used wooden bowls for a Montessori type activity. Your bowls are much nicer than the ones I used though. Sweet Girl has found a pretty good use for them for now. :-)



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