The Three Little Bears: Upcycled (FREE PATTERN/Tutorial)

Have an old pair of khakis hanging around?   Have a two year old who is obsessed with the Three Little Bears?  As in you have to read that story a dozen times a day and listen to his rendition in between?

Well, perhaps your scenario doesn't match mine exactly, but perhaps you still want your very own Three Little Bears.

Made from an old pair of pants, naturally.

Check out the free pattern here. Keep reading for the tutorial

And you tell me if you think they were a hit.

The nice thing about these three little bears is they don't always have to be the subject of the story.  You can host your very own storyhour with them.

Anyway....Your pattern is HERE.  Print both pages.

You'll need:
An old pair of pants.
A scrap of felt.
A scrap of your fabric of choice for the ears.

The outer edge is the pattern for Papa Bear.  The middle edge of the pattern is for mama bear.  The inner edge is for baby bear. 

1/4 seam allowances included in the pattern.

Cut all pattern pieces.

This is what you need for each size:
2 head
4 ear
1 nose
2 bodies
8 piece total for appendages (arms/legs).

1) Applique a nose and a mouth on the felt circle. Attach it to the face.  Applique eyes.  I did this all on the machine, but you can hand embroider.
 2) With right sides together put the half moon ear pieces together.  Stitch the curved part, leave the straight part open.  Clip notches around curve.  Turn right side out.  Press.
 3) Fold edge of ear in.  Pin to face of bear, basting edges in place as shown.
 4) Put the two head pieces together, right sides.  Stitch around edges, leaving bottom open.  Clip notches around curve.
 5) Turn right side out.  Press.
6) Stuff the head with stuffing.  Baste bottom edge shut.

7) Work on the bear arms/legs.  Put two pieces right sides together. Stitch curve, leaving bottom open.  Clip notches around curved edge.  Turn right side out.  Press.  Add stuffing.   Make four.
8) Place the arms/legs one piece of the bear body as shown.  Baste in place. 


 9) Put the other bear body on top, right sides together.
 10) Stitch all but the top edge. 
 11) Turn inside out.  Press seams.  Stuff with batting.
 12) Pin the bear head to the bear body, folding over edges of body around the bear head.
 13) Hand stitch in place.
 14) Voila!  And now show me what you came up with!


  1. Ahhhh, those are adorable - and I love that you recycled old pants!

  2. Oh my gosh, they are so cute! I never would have thought to make something out of old pants like this. They turned out so well!



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