Upcycled: Cloth Alphabet

I feel like this one deserves a drum roll.  Seriously, I've been working on this for months!  Not because they're hard work, but because I've been trying to do one everytime we go someplace as a family and my husband is driving.  Given we work opposite shifts and don't get too much time as a family of four, it's taken forever.  But, I can proudly say they are done!!!

It's a great stash buster.  Top layer is scrap fabric, middle is scrap batting and the back layer is an upcycled fleece baby blanket that has taken on a new life.  To make the letters, I made 26 rectangles 3 inches x 5 1/2 inches, free handed cut out a letter from those rectangles and sewed it with a blanket stitch. Another project that cost nothing and was upcycled.  Just my style.

Pair that with a basket we had and voila...a new playset.

Perfect for finding the letters in our name.

And also perfect for in/out games.
 They both are fans.
  Thankfully, as I might have been a bit grumpy if they weren't excited after all that work.


  1. I love them! I can't believe you free hand cut the letters. I was thinking you printed out a pattern from a font and cut them out based on that. They're great! I'm going to make this for Q one of these days :)

  2. Fantastic! I used to teach children to sew from a tiny studio in my home, and I give you an A+++++ Well done! I love your blanket stitch and sense of frugality.



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