Winter Wildlife Expo

Learning about wildlife in the winter?  Sign us up.  Laudholm Farm. Historical farm set aside for preservation, trails galore going right to the beach. Love that place. Big puffy heart love that place.

 Started with an animal presentation.
Gasping in surprise...a real live turtle. You think he was interested?
 And then a snake.

He's not even 2 1/2 yet, but I swear he listened to every word.
 He spent ages picking out his favorite species.
 Baby girl?  She was just chill, along for the ride, as usual.
 I helped him make binoculars.

 We learned about animal tracks.  He said "BOG know much bout animals?"  Incidentally, yes.  The BOG is a veterinarian.  You could learn about tracks and then borrow a pair of the oodles of snowshoes they had available there to find the tracks for yourself on the trails.
 Lots to see with those binoculars. You see, the view is completely different with them.

 He got his face painted with moose tracks, per his request.

 Some puddle stomping and outdoor play made it a day.

 Someday baby girl will be bouncing around too.  Until then, I'll keep her strapped to mama's chest...right where I like her best.
 Love tiring a kid out from being outside.

And I love spending time with my top notch family. A wonderful day, indeed.


  1. Adorable photos! The face paint is too cute :) That looks like such a fun thing to take kids to.

  2. Great photos and glad you all had so much fun. Hope to see you back here again soon.

  3. This looks like it was an awesome day! And your little guy was mesmerized at the presentation on reptiles. It made for some beauriful photos of him.



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