Home Sweet Home.

Yesterday was one of those perfect days at home.

The temperature was perfect.

You didn't need a snowsuit, but you weren't sweating bullets and panting like a dog walking to the mailbox.  That's the temperature I like the best.

So, what did I do that was so grand?

Really, a whole lot of nothing.

Sunned diapers and napkins on my new clothes line (squee!).  Lots of animal care with my littles. Air dried sheets on the clothesline and put them back on the bed.  Helped little hands make coffee cake, per request of my mini me.
Read lots of books. Made a double batch of morning glory muffins-some for now and some to freeze-the perfect on the go super food snack.  Went to let out/play with our neighbor's cute puppy. Took a walk as a family, trying to see the beaver working on the dam up the road (no luck this time).  Walked around the horse farm, enjoyed the horses.

Family lunch and then sidewalk chalk.  Then weeded flower beds. Gathered rhubarb from our yard during naptime.

Made and canned 3 gallons of jam (strawberry rhubarb and peach rhubarb).  Watered the garden with two littles. Did some flower picking in our field of daisies.

Ate leftovers for dinner.  Played with my littles and then read them many books.  Then a bit of cleaning, a bit of blogging, a bit of sewing and/or a bit of reading before bed.
It was a day of everything I love.  Perfection.


  1. BEAUTIFUL! It's so nice to see you take care of your mini-me ;-)

  2. Beautiful babies and a lovely day....you are right...I would call that a perfect
    day too. You're a GREAT Mom!!!

  3. Those pictures of the kids in the daisies are so awesome!

    Rhubarb is one of my favorites...YUMMY!

  4. That sounds like a perfect day to me! Those photos in the daisies are just stunning! What a beautiful backdrop for cute kids :) Love the header too!



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