Off we go...

I'm thankful, very thankful, to be commencing vacation.  It's that time I wait for all year, a time to relax with my family at the place I grew up enjoying.  The St. Lawrence River.  There's nothing like it and I enjoy sharing that with them. We're packing up, yes, but I'm also thankful that we're leaving this farm and all the gardens with capable hands.

I admit, once my husband isn't around to help, it's been a bit of a disaster packing.  Both kids want to be attached to me.  With one on front, the other on back, I have 50 pounds of kid on me.  It's virtually impossible to do anything. I tell myself that it's okay if I forget something, as there's stores where we're going.  But still...this to do list...

My awesome husband told me to not worry about food, we'll just pick some stuff up on the way.  I stumbled my way through packing an actually got a little done by sticking my kids in front of youtube.  I don't think I've done that since we were packing to move here. It lasted all of 10 minutes. They're so not used to TV, which isn't a bad thing, really.  Except when you want them to stay put. As I tried the not so successful balance of packing and managing the littles, all I wanted was our balance back.  Usually I don't feel so scattered and I'm much more in sync with them.

I left my packing.

 We made cookies.
We got our chickens out. 

I brought them to the garden and we filled this.

 We played with our dog.
I froze some garlic scrapes and some basil. We made bread.  I read them books. In the moment, I wasn't get my list done.  But, after we got our balance back, stuff did get done.

There were a few sad goodbyes to some chickens when he realized they can't come with.

And some excitement of what to come with those who are going (seriously, we could never leave this dog here....she loves camp!)

And our plan to pick up whatever on the way was replaced with lots of mama mades: oatmeal raisin cookies, bread with strawberry rhubarb jam and a garden fresh salad, home canned applesauce and hard boiled eggs from our own chickens. (Recipes on tab above.)

Yes, going new places, eating new things, branching out is quite good.  But, there's also something to be said for familiar loves too. 

Anyway, I'm off to enjoy these fabulous folks.  I will miss our home, our garden and our animals.  But our farm caretakers will be arriving to enjoy the farm and the beaches here, so I have nothing to worry about.

And if you're a northern NYer, come for a playdate and picnic with us on Tuesday July 2nd around 9:30/10 at Lisbon beach.

There will continue to be posts throughout the duration of our vacation, but my facebook appearances will be few.

Have yourselves a wonderful week!


  1. Oh have fun the St Lawrence River is not far from me but I am on the other side if you know what I mean. Canadian:)
    I cannot believe you cannot take favourite chickens with you:) Have a great time. B

  2. Have a great time! It's always fun to get off the farm for a little while to enjoy some of the other wonderful things this world has to offer us!

  3. Have fun! You deserve a great vacation :) Can't wait to hear about it!



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