The Best Daddy in the whole wide world-2013 Edition.

It's our annual year in review...celebrating the best father out there.

This husband of mine...he may leave all of his dishes out for me to put away.  He may step over something for months instead of picking it up. It may take him a couple weeks to get around to do a two minute task. He may be a tad of a procrastinator in some ways, but never about being a father.  He's the first one there to help out if they need him.  He teaches them, reads to them, enjoys them.  He adjusted to having 2 under the age of 2 with great ease...he is their sole caretaker 3 days a week.  He brings them on outings by himself-always to library story hour and sometimes the beach, hikes or snowshoeing.  He is a natural at positive parenting and is a great problem solver if something isn't working. He's a great role model. The choices he makes are all based on what's important to him-his kids.  I'm pretty proud to have this awesome guy not only as my husband, but my children's father.  We're all pretty lucky to have him around.

And in case you miss the last two Father's Day celebrations, here you go:


And on to the highlights from this last year. I was going to reduce the number of pictures posted, but I can't.  There's too many memories I don't want to forget. That's what happens when having a fab dad.

Happy Father's Day, Justin!

Cheers to another year of memories!


  1. Precious memories and what an AWESOME Dad. The love and devotion shines through every single, beautiful photograph...the smiles pretty much tell it all.

  2. Awwwww - such beautiful photos and what a loving tribute to your husband and to an amazing dad.

    Wishing you a wonderful day!

  3. Awww! So glad I was able to share some of the moments from the last year with such an awesome family. xoxo



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