My perfect, ordinary day.

I'm super fortunate that I don't have to work five days a week.  Certainly some of the days that I do work are long, but it's not everyday.

I'm writing this before I go to bed on Tuesday night.  I didn't plan to give you a play by play of my day, but it's one of those days I don't want to forget.  Today was a day when the pace was just right, my kids and I were in perfect sync and I got some things checked off of my to do list.  It was a day at home that was perfect.  It was exactly the type of day that I'd always hope for.  And I don't want to forget it.

It started with an early rise, time to send daddy off to work for a 16 hour shift.  Sad to see him go, but excited for the reason.  He's now a color guard guy-and we're so proud of him.

After that, I thouroughally enjoyed watching my kids scarf down a completely mama made breakfast-homemade toast, homemade jam and smoothies with homemade yogurt.

Then we read a pile of books.  Because, you know, there's no better way to read books than reading a pile.

Then it was chore time.

 As I hung the clothes out on the line with a sweet girl on my back, I heard a very loud song coming from the chicken coop.  "I'M A FARMER! I'M A FARMER". 

We checked the garden, with a chicken accompanying us, of course. In between the weeds, there's much growing.  Celebration!

When sweet girl took a nap, my little guy did his rice bin and I primed the kitchen.

 We chattered away.  The kitchen looks soooo much better already and we enjoyed our time.

When she woke up, we played trains until lunch.

A lunch of leftovers together, followed by a sweet and tangy strawberry rhubarb cupcake. Yum.  Two helpers helped me clean up. 

More books.  I love reading books with them so.  And then both for an afternoon nap.  At the same time.  (Doesn't happen everyday).

And I got to work cleaning the barn, bagging whatever garbage I found and dreaming of what it will look like all fixed up.

And then they were still napping.  We were just going to have sandwiches for dinner, but a quick walk to the freezer, pantry, coop and garden whipped up a gorgeous dinner of kibbeh, and broccoli casserole topped with homemade stuffing from my homemade bread.  Mmm.

A yummy dinner with the kids and then a long walk with them-to visit the neighborhood cows and horses.  
Okay, if you read all that, it's really not a big deal. It's mundane, everyday, ordinary things.  But it's just how I want many of my kids' days to be filled.  Here, on this farm.  Enjoying simple things and spending time with their mama.  The only way I'd make it better is if daddy could be here too.

I'm thankful, very thankful, for today and pray there will be many more similar days.


  1. Oh I will never forget my days like that. Daddy gone for 16 hour days and my girls and I doing the same as you. There is no better way to spend a day. The children will carry those memories with them forever just ask my very happy adult girls. "I am a Farmer I am a farmer" SO CUTE. B

  2. I have a friend who watched his mom journal daily. She journaled about every day happenings on the farm which, as a youth, he thought was pretty boring. When he was middle aged his mom passed away and he found those journals. As a man he treasures them; reading about her everyday normal life activities written in her own handwriting... it's something he loves and hangs onto.

    All that to say that it's remembering the everyday, mundane things that end up meaning so much. You are giving your little ones a great life. xoxo

  3. Sounds like the perfect day to me! I love days spent at home just doing normal, ordinary things. I love your little farmer and his chickens. So cute that he likes to carry one with him wherever you go. The chicks are getting so big!

  4. These days are the BEST...and the ones your kids will remember :)



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