Strawberry Picking 2013

Last year, we didn't make it.   I was ready-to-pop pregnant and there was some sort of weather condition that made the picking less than optimal.  I remember saying "I'll go tomorrow", but then they'd be closed for ripening. I was a bit afraid the same thing would happen this year.  I was hoping to go as a family of four, but you know, sometimes that's just not as easy as it seems.  So, the littles and I packed it up and surprised daddy with 12 pounds of delicious goodness. Here's his first ever strawberry picking adventure.  And below are pictures from our this year adventure.

I told them we were going out to breakfast. 
 Little did they know their breakfast would be in the patch.
Is there really any place better for breakfast?
 I think not.

And until these berries are gone, we'll be starting and ending our day with strawberries.  I love this time of year.  And strawberry shortcake might be my most favorite dessert ever (shortcake recipes here).

What do you enjoy making with your strawberries?


  1. That was cuteness overload, Jackie! I love the tiny John Deer t-shirt, and the tiny hod basket and then an even tinier one! Strawberry shortcake is my favourite way to eat strawberries too. My mom started the tradition of having one supper during the picking season that was all-you-can-eat shortcake. I've continued that tradition in my home. :-)

  2. Oh my gosh, those pictures are just so precious! Looks like they had a great time picking (and eating)!

  3. Looks like you picked a lot of strawberries! Such cute photos of the kids. Audra looks so adorable in her outfit! I love strawberries and will eat them just about any way I can. I recently made a roasted strawberry ice cream and it was to die for!



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