So, I had this realizaiton.  
Having 2 under the age of 2 means that another youth chair would be handy, as big brother hasn't grown out of his before she could use one for her. 

I've been keeping my eyes open, without much luck.
But I spotted this one. 
I loved it.

She told me it was old and she'd get rid of it for $5.00.
Deal, for sure.

She went on and on about how a paint job would really fix it up.
I didn't tell her I loved it the way it was.
Shortly after, she tried to sell me her particle board cupboard for $40. 
No thanks.
I'm thankful our tastes don't match.
I love our new chair.


  1. lol It tickled my funny bone to hear that someone had valued a wooden chair (likely vintage) at $5 and a pressboard cupboard at $40! Lucky you!

    Those overall shorts are so adorable on your little man. I always loved the look of overalls on little children. Shirts stay tucked in and they are soooo squeezable! <3

  2. How awesome for only $5! It is really cute and I like it just the way it is. A lot of times people will tell me that a certain item will look so much better with a good paint job, but I don't like perfectly painted items! I like things that look old and have character :)

  3. I LOVE your new chair too but I love your photos more:) B



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