The transition...

Within this last week, we went from wearing some spring gear...
  to needing full out 100% summer gear only.
  At least most of us did.  This kid, he wants to wear two shirts: long sleeved and short sleeved, jeans, socks, his BOG boots and a chicken.  Everyday.  Even if it's 95 degrees, clear skies, no wind, with 100% humidity.
 Thankfully, sweet girl will wear whatever we put on her.
Anyway, I usually try not to make a big deal about little things, but seriously, it's not okay to be dressed for winter all summer long.  Nor does it make any sense to be under your down comforter in the hottest room in the house.  Who wants to be hotter than necessary? I do not want to hospitalize anyone for overheating.

This kid does not like change at his mama much?!   (Although he transitioned into living at this place with no problem...must have farmhouse love like his mama.)

So, we came up with a plan.  That really is a silly plan if you ask the rest of us.
 But not to him, not to him at all.  Makes perfect sense. We compromised.  From now on, he'll wear summer type clothes, provided I let him pack his winter clothes in a bag for him to tote along if he needs it.
In the playroom, outside playing trucks, out to the coop...he totes his bag of winter clothes. Yes, we went to the grocery store, everyone was dripping sweat in the parking lot.  But in the shopping cart is his bag of two shirts, jeans, socks and boots (sans chicken, thankfully).  To church, to the library, to a walk to the horse barn, we have our winter gear.  While he sleeps, there's footed pajamas, wool socks and an undershirt next to his bed.  "In case I need it, mama". 

I guess you can never be too prepared.  Weather does change without warning in Maine, that's for sure.  Best to be ready.

I hope dressing this girl will be a bit simpler.  So far, she doesn't complain how mama likes her to wear dresses daily.  Hey, might as well get away with it while she lets me.


  1. Oh they both look so cute. The weather is cold here today if they were here on the farm there would be heavy sweaters or coats for sure.
    Pretty dresses oh yes someday they will be coveralls and boots:) B

  2. Such adorable children! The weather has been changeable here too.

  3. A pretty dress and a John Deere tractor. I like that juxtaposition. :-)

    I think you came up with a perfect solution to the winter clothing issue. I'm going to pin a photo of that little man with his chicken. Just have to decide which one!

  4. Sounds like he's just trying to be prepared for cold weather! haha. He is too funny. I can't get enough of the photos of him holding chickens! That chick is getting so big!



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