Scattered. But grounded.

Oh, my.  I'm trying.  But I feel like I have 500 projects started and only half done.

I've partially cleaned out this one ginormous perennial bed that hasn't been tended to in a decade, likely. There's weeding that needs to be done in pretty much all gardens.  Plants hollering for water.  I had all these pictures that I was planning to take for you today in the gardens, but I didn't get to it.

All the pet areas are in need of a major cleaning.
Half of the kitchen floor is ripped up.  Half of the porch is painted. Half the hall is painted. Half of the knobs in the kitchen have been painted.

Sunny days and now having a clothes line=8 loads of laundry in 3 days.  Neatly folded in baskets, but not put away.

I have two sewing projects half done- an article of clothing and a new toy.

I've been canning and baking, but not even taking pictures of what I've been doing.

And of course, you throw work in there, time to teach and play with our kids, our family needs to eat, these bake sales to raise money for a goat and I try to get a little exercise here and there.

I'm not complaining, nope, I'm not.  I love the life I am living. I just want all these project to be done yesterday. Check, check, check, done.  Like magic. Is that too much to ask for?

I need to remind myself it all doesn't need to be done today, or even tomorrow for that matter. 

Even with my scatterbrained projects going on in every nook and cranny of this farmhouse, there is one thing I do accomplish everyday. 

I always, always eat with my kids each meal that I'm home.  Non-negotiable.  Everyday. No matter how busy life seems. Always.

That's a special time for us that I'm most thankful for.  Projects can wait, I've got family time that can't. 


  1. Oh I think the photography project is the only one that truly matters and it is perfect. :) B

  2. That is very true, projects can wait but family time is so important. It is frustrating when you have lots of little projects going on that aren't done. I really like to cross things off my to-do list, so when things hang out there it really stresses me out!



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