Zoo Fun 2013

 Get ready to see oodles of photos.  Zoo 2013.  We had a blast.  The highlights?

Big brother waking up and saying "TODAY IS ZOO DAY!"
Both kids wearing tails.
Sweet girl in her sunglasses.
Big brother seeing kangaroos.
Sweet girl loving the peacocks.
Both kids loving the goats, and thinking we'll have some of our own someday.
Both kids watching the baby bears play, the big dude hollering over and over "Don't topple over, bears!"
Sweet girl squealing at the butterflies.
Big brother telling the zebras all about his matching tail.
Big brother not so sure about going on the train ride on his own, but quickly decided it was fantastic!
Uninterrupted family time, just the four of us. Just what we needed.  And experiencing the delight through little eyes.

In case you missed past adventures, here they are.  Last year, I was ready to give birth anyday (or so I thought).  This year, I have a sweet girl to carry instead.

Zoo Fun 2012
Zoo Fun 2011

And now, you're about to get bombarded with photos.  Ready, Set, GO!


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Zoo Fun 2012
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  1. Oh the memories you are creating for your children are incredible. I loved every photo. B

  2. Awwwww - great photos! We love going to the zoo! We have annual passes so we visit our local zoo regularly. Such a great family outing!

    Wishing you a wonderful day.

  3. So sweet! I love the one where he's showing the zebra his tail.

  4. I love their tails! Too cute. And Audra in her sunglasses - so chic! Those little goat kids are crazy cute as well. Loved all these photos!

  5. Your kids are just the cutest little things ever! :) Looks like great fun.

  6. These were the CUTEST pictures but the one that put it over the top was the one that showed both kids and their tails.............precious!!!

  7. you can never have too many pictures, especially when you are at the zoo!!

    cute tails, but where's dads ;)))



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