Not the best picture, but it will have to suffice.

1) A very wide old/antique shovel.
2) Zoo Animals from  A to Z- patterns to make almost any animal softie you can imagine.
3) Busy book (pics below).
4) Two Barefoot Books (You know how expensive these are? here to see.  Now we have 6 that I've gotten for less than $3.00 for them all combined!)
 5) Two packs of the mini favor pouches like you'd get at weddings.  Perfect to hold little items matchbox cars like to push around.
6) Two bags full of cloth ribbon.

Score!  For $5.25.

 And since I always like inspiration for quiet books, I thought I'd show the innards of the books.  Did you ever see the quiet book I made my kiddos?  Here it is.  It gets much use. Can't have enough quiet books, that's for sure!



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